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summer gazpacho

Summer Gazpacho

Gazpacho was one of the first recipes I learned in culinary school. It’s not very involved, it’s quickly prepared, and best of all, it is absolutely delicious. Or maybe it was because it’s so darn hot down in Panama and this soup is refreshing. Either way, gazpacho is a great weeknight […]

Toasted Coconut & Ginger Butternut Squash Soup

This soup is misleading–in the John Mayer sort of way. He must be the most romantic and loyal guy with all of those sweet lyrics, right? This soup’s lyrics is its lusciously rich texture. It has to be loaded with cream and high in fat. Wrong, on both accounts! This soup is actually dairy-free and […]

Smokey California-style Chicken Chili

This easy healthy chili recipe is vibrant with citrus and smokey undertones–perfect for those looking for a feel-good hearty dish for every season.  With a mild kick and big fresh flavor, all will enjoy. SMOKEY CALIFORNIA-STYLE CHICKEN CHILI  Serves 4-6 – 2 Tbs. olive oil – 1 lb. lean ground chicken – […]