June 2015

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Boiled Eggs

The Quick Method for Perfect Boiled Eggs

Some like their boiled eggs with firm, pale yellow yolk. Others like it runny. Me? I like the inside to be mostly firm with a bit of softness in the very center and bright with color. When eggs are boiled too long, the yolks are chalky in texture; but boiled too […]

Quinoa Risotto

Mediterranean Quinoa “Risotto”

This dish has the satisfying taste and creaminess of traditional risotto, but is lighter and much healthier. Now, I know that risotto made with arborio rice and heaps of cheese cannot be beat–I mean come on, it’s outrageously good. But I promise you that my version is no less tasty and […]

Spicy Asian Peanut Dip

Spicy Asian Peanut Dip

I’m going to get right to the point: this is a crowd-pleaser. The only time this may not be a hit is if you were to bring it to an NAA meeting. You know, Nut Allergy Anonymous. That’s a thing, right? It takes only 2 minutes to whip up (literally, less than […]