July 2015

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Green Pea Dip

Featured on FBG: If Peas Don’t Belong in Guacamole…

It’s clear that peas do not belong in guacamole (who knew dip could be so contentious?), so I’ve created a delicious and light dip for Fit Bottomed Eats where peas are welcomed. In fact, this dip highlights the subtle sweetness of little green gems. With all due respect, avocado, you’re not […]

Baked Tarragon-Mustard Chicken with Red Cabbage & Peaches

You know what they say: a colorful dish is a healthy one. …Let me halt your rebuttal about a dish full of skittles before it surfaces and say, yes, you’re right. Skittles are colorful but aren’t healthy.  Though some dishes do pertain to the rule, and my Baked Tarragon-Mustard Chicken with Cabbage […]

Honey Mustard Raspberry Dip

Raspberry-Mustard Dip

This recipe couldn’t be easier, but you’d never know because it’s absolutely delicious! The tart and sweet raspberries perfectly complement the tangy honey mustard. All you need is a little lemon zest to round out this versatile dip. With a bright pink hue, it also looks beautiful on display paired with […]