January 2015

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Add Big Middle Eastern Flavor, the Easy Way

These spices and herbs are often used in traditional Middle Eastern cuisine, and can be added to many dishes to create the warm flavor profile you’re looking for. Whether they’re included in stews, burgers like this, or dips, you’ll meet that desired taste. 1) Cumin            2) Cinnamon […]

Add Big Italian Flavor, the Easy Way

There are basic ingredients you can add to almost any dish to give it that trademark Italian flavor–the flavor I grew up with in my Nanni’s kitchen. Of course, within Italian cuisine, there are many different flavor profiles, but I’ll provide a few spices and herbs that are common denominators in many of […]

Creamy Whipped Hummus

You’ll never want to buy hummus again after you see how easy and inexpensive it is to make it yourself. Why spend close to $5 for a small container of the stuff chalk full of preservatives and canola oil? No thanks. I much prefer to have a big bowl of smooth […]