Breakfast & Brunch

Pear Crumble

Minimalist Pear Crumble with Maple Yogurt Whip

After making dinner, I’m usually not up to making dessert…that is unless it’s stupidly easy and better than what I can buy in a package. Because let’s face it, we all want something sweet after dinner…or after every time you eat something savory. Oh you don’t–not every single time? Well, to each his […]

quick crepes

Quick Crêpes with Raspberry, Banana & Almond Butter

There’s something special about crêpes on a Saturday morning. They’re airy and light while being rich and satisfying. The best thing about crêpes is that you can fill them with practically anything you want–they’re extremely versatile. I usually go the sweet route with almond butter, peanut butter, or nutella as a […]

Breakfast quesadilla stuffed with healthy and tasty ingredients

Mexican Stuffed Breakfast Quesadilla

This time of year, I know I’m not alone in craving something warm and filling for breakfast. And filling doesn’t have to equate to fattening, either. This Mexican Breakfast Quesadilla is stuffed with wholesome and delicious ingredients to get you up and energized during these brisk mornings! I don’t think I have to […]