low carb pizza crust

The Perfect Low-Carb Pizza Crust


Let’s get serious. Serious because I really dislike when food is wrongly categorized. Like a “BLT” made of smokey flavored tofu, lettuce, and tomato. The tofu may resemble bacon, and the sandwich may even be delicious, but it’s not a BLT.

In my humble opinion, if you’re going to categorize food, it better meet that category’s major requirements. Which brings me to pizza crust. What are the requirements for a crust-like food to be considered “pizza crust?”

  • It must carry ingredients (sauce and whatever toppings, no matter how heavy) without falling apart. I want to pick up a slice of pizza and shovel it in my mouth, not have to lift a messy bite with a fork.
  • The crust must have a bit of crunch to it and not be a soggy hodgepodge of healthy ingredients.
  • The taste must be neutral enough that its flavor is totally consumed by the tasty sauce and toppings. I didn’t sign up to eat the splendor of pizza sauce and cheese to be bombarded by the unfitting taste of coconut. No thanks.

So that’s it, really: portability, texture, and taste.

After much trial and error in my own kitchen, I developed a pizza crust that not only feels, carries, and tastes like traditional pizza crust, but also is easy to make.

Find the recipe here !!


Note: This recipe was more fun and easy to develop thanks to the people at Perfect Peel, The Bakers Board. Those guys make seriously good pizza peels. For one, they’re all handmade with wood from local Wisconsin trees. Second, not only are they beautiful, they’re also smartly designed. Their 8″ perfect peel is the perfect size for home use, and the edges are curved in such a way to encourage the dough to effortlessly slide onto the stone. Believe me, I used the peel with many failing, sticky crusts while I developed the recipe.

This perfect peel is a must for any homemade pizza lover!

pizza peel