Your New Favorite Sandwich, the SLAWB ™


What’s a SLAWB ™, you ask? It’s a sandwich whose star is slaw, in flavor profile and mass. Meat and other vegetables aren’t necessarily left out, rather the slaw is the head honcho, the driver, the Beyoncé of Destiny’s Child.

And this isn’t your good ol’ slaw drowning in runny mayonaise you remember from childhood picnics. The slaws featured in these subs are amped up and packed with zing. 

As it is, we rely on slaw to boost many dishes–pulled pork, schnitzel, fried chicken, etc. So why not put it between two crusty pieces of bread accompanied by some of your favorite foods? Like you, we didn’t have any opposition. 

Chicken burger with red cabbage and apple slaw

Look here for SLAWB ™ varieties, like Asian meatball SLAWB, breakfast cheesy bacon SLAWB, and a Caribbean-style SLAWB.