Culinary Tips

3 Ways with Popcorn

Featured on FBG: Popcorn 3 Ways, from Bagged to Gourmet

Because many flavored bagged popcorn use artificial flavoring and coloring, I usually stick to just sea salt. But sometimes I’m hankering for more flavor, which is why I set out to create ways to naturally doctor a clean batch of bagged popcorn — popcorn that only contains corn and a […]

Green Pea Dip

Featured on FBG: If Peas Don’t Belong in Guacamole…

It’s clear that peas do not belong in guacamole (who knew dip could be so contentious?), so I’ve created a delicious and light dip for Fit Bottomed Eats where peas are welcomed. In fact, this dip highlights the subtle sweetness of little green gems. With all due respect, avocado, you’re not […]

Boiled Eggs

The Quick Method for Perfect Boiled Eggs

Some like their boiled eggs with firm, pale yellow yolk. Others like it runny. Me? I like the inside to be mostly firm with a bit of softness in the very center and bright with color. When eggs are boiled too long, the yolks are chalky in texture; but boiled too […]