shrimp cabbage bites

Shrimp Cabbage Tacos

I dig lettuce wraps, but to be honest, they sometimes fail me. The lettuce is either too flimsy and the stuffing tumbles out, or it’s too thin and you end up with more sauce on your plate than in your mouth. A real shame. Cabbage is sturdier and gives you […]

Fine Cooking's Feta Dill Dip

Warm Brie and Fig Dip

This recipe is inspired by a refreshing cheese dip I remember testing when I worked at Fine Cooking’s test kitchen. Feta cheese and Greek yogurt make the dip extra creamy, while the dill brightens it. Take a look here. My brie and fig dip is also cheese based, but is […]

red sauce

Red Sauce, As My Mama Makes It

Like many Italians, my first cooking memory is learning how to make red sauce with my mom. I remember her telling me to cut the onion as small as I could. Oh, and don’t forget the bay leaves when it’s simmering, she’d exclaim. She’s a good teacher, and a seriously talented cook. […]