February 2015

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Your New Favorite Sandwich, the SLAWB ™

What’s a SLAWB ™, you ask? It’s a sandwich whose star is slaw, in flavor profile and mass. Meat and other vegetables aren’t necessarily left out, rather the slaw is the head honcho, the driver, the Beyoncé of Destiny’s Child. And this isn’t your good ol’ slaw drowning in runny mayonaise you remember from childhood […]

Smokey California-style Chicken Chili

This easy healthy chili recipe is vibrant with citrus and smokey undertones–perfect for those looking for a feel-good hearty dish for every season.  With a mild kick and big fresh flavor, all will enjoy. SMOKEY CALIFORNIA-STYLE CHICKEN CHILI  Serves 4-6 – 2 Tbs. olive oil – 1 lb. lean ground chicken – […]

The Easiest No-Measure, No-Fail Stir-Fry Sauce

You only need 6 very basic ingredients–most require no preparation and all of them keep for months. So stock up, and start stir-frying on a whim!   1) soy sauce- acts as an earthy flavor base  2) sriracha- packs the heat 3) sweet chili sauce- brings a tint of sweetness 4) hoisin sauce- […]